Ultra-Sound contrast imaging is used to visualise perfusion of various tissues in living animals. The aim is to quantitate vascularisation of tumours with  or without various radiation or chemical treatments in comparison to normal tissue .

Series of (500 images per scan) are acquired with XXXXX instrument  and saved as DICOM image stack.

bfDICOM is a generic DICOM viewer allowing to analyses DICOM image stacks, measure and integrate multiple regions of interest (ROIs). Multiple single or image-stach DICOM files may be loaded and analysed simulataneously.
User may define up to 8 freehand  regions. These regions are integrated across the whole image stack. Basic 1-d signal processing allows to automatically detect inflation / deflation of contrast media (micro-bubbles) and compute perfusion parameters.

Data may be saved as tab delimited data files and may be recalled later on. Tab-delimited data files may be easily loaded in to spreadsheet programs or data bases.
bfDICOM is a monolithic  Windows application and does not require installation nor any supporting libraries or SDKs.

bfDICOM was developed based on ezDICOM medical viewer, copyright (c) 2002, Wolfgang Krug and Chris Rorden, all rights reserved.

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