SUMO's file/table viewer/editor

Often, it is helpful to preview large (tab-delimited) datafiles, to recognize data structure, organizaton, ....
Especially with very large data files, it becomes very tedious - or even impossible - to preview these files with windows' notepad or MS-Excel.
SUMO's file previewer allows to analyze a small portion (user defineable) of TAB or COMMA delimited text files.
Furthermore, loaded data files may be edited - preferable column or row wise.

From SUMO's main menu select:

or Press CTR+SHIFT+V on the keyboard.

In case you want to use SUMO's TableViewer very often, start SUMO with the command "sumo.exe /tableviewer".
E.g. create a shortcut/start menu/hotkey with a modified command using the above parameter.
Now SUMO's main window is minimized to the task bar and TableViewer opens automatically.
Closing TableViewer also ends the respective SUMO

The "TableViewer" window opens up:

File system browser

Use the file navigation panel to browse the file system.

Define a File specification to only show eg. *.txt text files.

Last visited folders can be recalled from the Last folders list.
To remove no longer reqired entries, select th entry and pres "Delete" key on keyboard.

Press "F2" key to rename the selected file.
Press "Delete" key to delete a single or multiple selected files.

The file list context menu offers additional functionality:

Copy list of filesCopy list of displayed filesnames into clipboard, one name per line
DeleteDelete selected file(s)

Shred filesSecure delete, by destroying the file's content and removing its original (meaningful) name:
- Selected file(s) is overwritten two times with different bit patterns
- File is renamed
- File is deleted

Shred extensiveFile(s) is overwritten with varying bit-patterns seven times
!! But keep in mind: You ony delete/shred the SELECTED file. Copies or (automatic) backups/syncs to clouds may still exist. !!

Click a file to preview it in the File preview data grid.

SUMO will only load and show a part from the selected file.
Use the Preview size (kb) combo box, to define the amount of data wich will be loaded and displayed from the seleted file.
In the example a 220 MegaByte file is selected, but only 100 KiloByte are loaded and displayed: enough to analyze the file structure:
Therefore, data loading is extremely fast - even accross network mapped files - in opposite to programs which need to load the whole file into memory.

To load COMMA separated files select the respective Divider.

In case the file was not completely loaded, a warning message is shown in the status bar.

Table editor

If a file is completetly loaded, you may freely edit it and save the modified version ( File | Save ).
To force SUMO to load the whole file, select Whole file from the Preview size combo box or keep Shift key pressed when clicking the desired file.
In case of huge files (>>500 MegaByte) loading may take a while or might even fail due to memory problems.
. Explore the toolbar and the context menus: